Fan Frame: High temperature resistant flame retardant PBT engineering plactics.

Fan Wing: Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics professional design, Large airflow, high wind pressure and low noise.

Fan movement:  Pure copper winding, Silicon copper sheet with high permeability, Stable performance and long-life.

Bearing: High precision ball bearings, Matching fine machined bearing mounting copper tube, low vibration, have a long service life more than 50,000hours.

3D design/CAE Analysis to ensure the products performance.

Hang wing technology and U heat fin

Using the principle of aerodynamics, in combination with the wing and the spoiler structure design, reasonable increase between the blades and fin height, make hanging on the radiator best “pneumatic separation point”, this design can make the heat sink bottom at the top of the air velocity is flowing through the heat sink, under pressure, avoid air hovering between the fan and the heat sink, Make the air flow more smoothly blowing to the bottom of the radiator, thus, but also more effectively avoid the noise caused by air turbulence.

Graphene radiator, Use of new materials to improve heat dissipation performance.

Bearing construction and Fluid dynamic analysis.


Since 2006-Shencheng Engineering Corp, We have a number of Patents Technologies on Constructions of Cooling fan/Cooling materials/heat conduction metarial, already applied on many industrial fields.

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